Friday, August 7, 2009

'We value the significant role'of Mercury Marine

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Commentary: 'We value the significant role'of Mercury Marine

As an old Chinese proverb says, "A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it."

In these extreme economic conditions, we all must adapt to the circumstances we face on a daily basis. As we make our choices, we must look to the future and to the results they produce.

Mercury Marine is in the process of adapting its business plan in response to the economic conditions that exist today, and will exist tomorrow, and in the future. As part of the Brunswick Corporation, Mercury Marine has an obligation to make some extremely difficult decisions in the best interests of its customers, shareholders and employees.

For nearly 70 years, Mercury Marine has been a major contributor to our community. The company has not only provided many families with continued employment and stability, it also has shown its generosity in support of many worthwhile charities and projects. Mercury employees have been an integral part of our community and have served us well.

Reaching the best outcome for all involved will require vision, commitment and cooperation from a multitude of parties. As City Council president, I can assure you that the City of Fond du Lac has joined with Fond du Lac County and the state to put together an extremely competitive package allowing Mercury Marine to remain right here in Fond du Lac while helping to ensure that the company can emerge from this slowdown a stronger company.

This is a critical time for our city, county and state. As the Mercury management team and labor union make their decision about the future, I hope they will take into consideration their importance to all involved. As talks continue with the union, my hope is that within these talks both parties will consider their decisions and the profound impact their choices will have on the future of every citizen, business and employee of our community.

Remember: "Wise men adapt themselves to circumstances."

In the next few weeks, we as a community must pull together and let Mercury officials and their employees know they have our support. We value the significant role that Mercury Marine plays in our community and look forward to a positive and prosperous relationship in Fond du Lac for at least another 70 years.

Tim Lakin, a business owner, serves as president of the Fond du Lac City Council.

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